30-storey country house of 100 m2 with a boiler!

Elias 27.05.2021

30-storey country house of 100 m2 with a boiler! Characteristics of the project: 100 m2, 8.0 x 8.0, refers to sections: single-storey, European-style houses, houses with a multi-pitched roof, rectangular houses, with a terrace, with 1 bedroom on the ground floor, from 50 to 100 sq. m.Facade of house. Photo source: dom-bt.comThis project of a single-storey house looks quite interesting in any color scheme. The project is made in a classic form for a large area of the roof and a small area of the floor: a single loggia in any color scheme. Here is the project in more detail with the price and characteristicsThe classic shape of the roof on the front of the house makes it practical to use it in any interior.Front of the house on four sides. Photo source: dom-bt.comThe porch with a small niche is a continuation of the slope of the ridge of the roof. The porch is provided with a gate-wrapper with another gate, at the entrance to the house, it is hidden behind a small niche. Then we go directly into the large vestibule with an area of 2.7 sq. m. Here is a selection of similar single-storey houses'The entrance to the boiler room is hidden from the main entrance with a niche. Before entering the boiler room, we pass a storage room with a door to the rest of the block. Here is a selection of similar single storey projects'The entrance to the bathroom is located in the vestibule. Toilet bowl with drawers and a shower cubicle are located in the middle of the hall. The toilet is located partially in the zone of the bathroom, so it is convenient to locate it.Layout of the first floor. Photo source: dom-bt.comThe project has a niche for a corner with a niche opening. When we enter the house, we find ourselves in a lobby. The lobby is partially made of metal frame. The entrance to the house is located in the middle of the street, which is finished along the contour of the roof of the house. Here is a selection of similar single storey projects'The ground floor space of 3.4 sq. m. is occupied by a kitchen-living room with a total area of 32 sq. m. Due to the large space, the kitchen is placed in the opposite direction from the main entrance to the house. In this case, the window is not installed, but it is convenient.Layout of the second floor. Photo source: The staircase to the second floor is located in a small niche. The space below the staircase is made in the Windows, so if you are not used to such a feature, then this space will not be an issue.On