Strawberries in summer. What is wrong with them.

I read the post and decided to share a small anecdote.In the past few years, strawberries have become more and more popular with strawberries. The last time I remembered, they were still strawberries and the berries were in our gard...

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30-storey country house of 100 m2 with a boiler!

Characteristics of the project: 100 m2, 8.0 x 8.0, refers to sections: single-storey, European-style houses, houses with a multi-pitched roof, rectangular houses, with a terrace, with 1 bedroom on the ground floor, from 50 to 100 sq...

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Finnish house 6x7 is perfect for a family

The total area of the house is 32 m2, the building area on the plot is 36 m2.Project characteristics: 6 x 7, single-storey, Finnish-style house with a gable roof, rectangular, with balcony, with terrace, with boiler room, from 50 to...

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