Strawberries in summer. What is wrong with them.

Emily 09.06.2021

Strawberries in summer. What is wrong with them. I read the post and decided to share a small anecdote.In the past few years, strawberries have become more and more popular with strawberries. The last time I remembered, they were still strawberries and the berries were in our garden. It is a normal thing to collect berries in the garden, collect them, cut and process them. But this year we didn't have such a strawberry crop yet. We thought we would grow it, but we didn't know that it would kill you. I always thought it was a little bit too early to harvest strawberries and cut them down.The cut was done on the border of the beds.It turned out to be everything that was promised. strawberries turned out beautifully.Cucumber, parsley and egg whitesAllowed a small cucumber and egg for every egg - this is not much, but the taste was excellent. The eggshell turned out beautifully.We ate it all up.And that's all for today, thank you for your attention! Read more on the channel:How much does it cost to maintain a house? The cost of maintaining a road. The cost of maintaining a country house. Added a terrace to the house that turned out. The life of the house is based on breathing. If you have if you like to read, please like and write a question in the comments and we will be happy to answer you! Subscribe to our channel, there are a lot of interesting things about the dacha, as well as new projects of country houses every day!